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Game description: Electric City The Revolt

Electric City The Revolt
के द्वारा: admin
World, such as we know it ceased to exist. From the ashes rises a new society ruled power generators (Wire Central), controls the distribution of power and information.
श्रेणी: Quest games
3D games: No
क्लिकों: 13473
Download game to phone:
Nokia s60 2ed Eng (176x208): jar
jad (432.79 kB) Nokia s60 3ed Eng (240x320): jar
jad (687.5 kB) Nokia s40 3ed Eng (240x320): jar
jad (365.82 kB) Nokia s60 3ed Eng 320x240 (multi-screen): jar
jad (588.75 kB) Nokia s60 5ed Eng (640x320): jar
jad (1.01 MB) LG KP500 TS Eng 240x400 (multi-screen): jar
jad (683.76 kB) <<Quest games
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