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Application description: Bolt Browser 1 5

Bolt Browser 1 5
By: admin
Браузер на яве,конкурент опера мини.его характеристики включены такие параметры, как: просмитор видео любой длины, потдержка RSS, менеджер загрузок, сжимание веб страниц до 25%-50%, потдержка тач-интерфейса, плавный скролинг, улучшеная навигация, а ее: * Server upgrades (make v1.5 more than 15% faster than Beta3) * Cache support that enables directly browsing back to a previously visited page * Download manager that downloads files directly within BOLT on JSR 75 capable devices * Dedicated search bar, enabling search on popular search engines directly from BOLT * Enhanced column width control that auto-aligns the text to columns for ease of reading * Enhanced video support that includes inline media playing capability even on low-end devices * Enhanced copy-paste support for BlackBerry devices * Support for streaming videos of any length * Volume UP/DOWN controls in the inline media player * Ability to rearrange the subscribed feeds using the ‘grab’ feature * Access to History links from the URL window with inline editing OFF * One click access on Home Page that ensures the cursor jumps to the desired widget
Category: WEB browsers
3D games: No
Clicks: 55421
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v 1.5 Большинство т-ов Eng (240x320): jar
jad (224.04 kB) <<WEB browsers
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