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Application description: Slot Machine Christmas

Slot Machine Christmas
By: admin
by BlackWaltz. Do you like gambling, casinos and slot machines? Can not get past the one-armed bandit? Then this game is for you! Your goal is simple, to win as much money. Waiting for you 3 different types slotmashin - initially available in only one of them. The rest you can unlock when he won enough money.
Category: Gambling games
3D games: No
Clicks: 22606
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Nokia s40 2 ed ,Sony Ericsson K,J,Z300 Ru (128x128): jar
jad (60.57 kB) Nokia s40 2 ed ,Sony Ericsson K310,K500,K510,W200,Z530 Ru (128x160): jar
jad (80.19 kB) Nokia s60 2 ed ,Sony Ericsson K550,K610,W350,W810,Z710,K700,K750 Ru (176x220): jar
jad (93.7 kB) Nokia ,Sony Ericsson Ru (240x320): jar
jad (112.45 kB) <<Gambling games
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