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Application description: Mobi Chess

Mobi Chess
By: admin
Excellent chess. With the ability to play: Against the phone with a friend at a time on one phone, online via the Internet with the ability to communicate, via Bluetooth, for phones that support this feature. Present statistics and ranking.
Category: Bluetooth games
3D games: No
Clicks: 109455
Download game (book,soft..) to phone:
Sony Ericsson K,J,Z300 Ru (128x128): jar
jad (144.58 kB) Siemens C65,C72 Ru (130x130) (multi-screen): jar
jad (144.89 kB) Samsung E250,E300,X300 Ru (128x160): jar
jad (229.26 kB) Sony Ericsson K310,K500,K510,W200,Z530 Eng (128x160): jar
jad (147.52 kB) Siemens x65-75 Ru (132x176): jar
jad (149.03 kB) Nokia s60 2ed Eng (132x176): jar
jad (149.03 kB) Samsung D500,E380,E500 Ru (176x220): jar
jad (248.2 kB) Sony Ericsson Ru (176x220): jar
jad (159.25 kB) Nokia s40 3ed Ru (240x320): jar
jad (177.54 kB) Sony Ericsson K770,K800,S500,T650,W850 Eng (240x320): jar
jad (177.67 kB) Nokia s60 3e Eng (352x416): jar
jad (211.28 kB) <<Bluetooth games
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